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Shipping lines are going digital

Shipping lines are part of one of the most traditional industries in the global business. Nevertheless, they have gradually started to pay more attention to new technologies in order to keep up with the market’s needs. Now, they have gotten to the point where three of the world’s top carriers are joining forces to speed up the digital transformation of…
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Ports + Startups = Ports 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution, as many call it, has encouraged ports to use disruptive technologies to adapt to current legal frameworks and to be more competitive in the international logistics market. So that’s how ports 4.0 were born. But... How do startups contribute to all this? That’s what we want to tell you this time on.  …
Yenny Barreto
May 28, 2019

Cargofive is part of Techseed’s Poland Prize program

Poland Prize is an acceleration program that aims to help foreign startups establish in Poland. They provide non-equity funding and the opportunity to raise a seed round from their partner VC funds. It is really a good chance for the startups participating in the program to get the support of experts who become mentors to help them enter the Polish…
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Blockchain technology is taking over the sea

Freight forwarders, ports and terminals, shipping lines and other companies involved in the global trade logistics are showing more and more interest about blockchain technology, its implementation, and its benefits. Do you want to know why?   With the growth of new technologies, almost every industry has been affected, positively speaking, by them. As it was expected, companies in the…
Yenny Barreto
May 22, 2019
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Maersk invests in digital freight forwarder FreightHub

The world’s top carrier, Maersk, is investing in the German digital freight forwarder FreightHub. They are looking forward to improving the supply chain management and the customer experience in freights industry. This is an important step for digital transformation in logistics and it probably won’t be the only joint we’ll be seeing around, so traditional freight forwarders should look out.…
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Top 10 container ports around the world

Every day millions of cargo shipments travel from one port to another, connecting people and businesses all around the world. We tend to take for granted their job, but we are not actually aware of how much load they have to deal with. So, we decided to present to you the world’s top 10 container ports based on the volume…
Andrea van der Biest
April 18, 2019
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Why are freight rates constantly changing?

Freight rates management is complicated. Freight forwarders struggle all the time when quoting because of it. Looking for rates between many carriers, when contracts are renewed too often, is not an easy task. This is why it’s so important to count on a good tool that helps automate and optimize the process. But, why do freight rates change that frequently…