Poland Prize is an acceleration program that aims to help foreign startups establish in Poland. They provide non-equity funding and the opportunity to raise a seed round from their partner VC funds.

It is really a good chance for the startups participating in the program to get the support of experts who become mentors to help them enter the Polish market and develop their products. Plus, it is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the business with good funding.

At Cargofive, we are thrilled to be part of the 2nd batch of Poland Prize. We thank all of those involved in this process for the trust and support we are receiving. We will pull out the best of it and we hope this will only be the start of a great business relationship.


To learn more about the Poland Prize program, visit www.techseed.me/polandprize

To meet the other startups selected for the 2nd batch, visit http://www.techseed.me/polandprize/2019/03/21/startups-selected-for-the-2nd-batch/