How to improve customer experience in freight forwarding?

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, the thing customers are most likely going to remember is the experience they have with your company. So, how is your customer experience doing? We want to help! Let us tell you how you can improve customer experience in freight forwarding.


In this new era, customer experience is determining the decision to buy. Any business that wants to grow has to be aware that the treatment they give to their clients is as important as having a good product. Whether we like it or not, our customers have all the power within their hands: they can choose to buy from us or go with our competitor.

In fact, some experts believe customer experience will be the next competitive battleground between companies. We are living highly competitive times and this matter has gained a lot of attention. To be competitive it is no longer enough to have nice products or services, customer experience across the whole journey is making the difference.

Freight forwarding industry is no exception to this. Customers expect a timely, personalized and rewarding experience when they are buying. They want to obtain their quotes and ship freights effortlessly, and they want it now. So, are you offering a good experience to your clients?


Here is how to improve customer experience in freight forwarding.


To be a successful freight forwarder, big or small, it is necessary to develop a good customer experience by considering the following aspects:

  1. Measure everything and rely on the analytics.

As simple as that, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. So, you should be evaluating at least the principal sales indicators for freight forwarders, for instance:

  • Quotes issued vs. quotes accepted.
  • Top services, specifications, origins and destinations requested.
  • New clients.
  • Sales or marketing campaigns performance.
  1. Know and understand your audience.

Study your customers’ behavior so you can know what they want and need. How else will you be able to fulfill their needs? This is key to deliver a great customer experience in freight forwarding.

  1. Know the experience you want to deliver and work backwards from it.

Find out how you want your customers to feel when they interact with your freight forwarder, what you want them to think of your service. Design every interaction they are having with you, at all touch points to meet their needs. Then focus on developing and delivering it.

  1. Use innovation to get to the next level.

Take all of the new technologies to connect with your customers and stand out in the freight forwarding market. Innovation is not only effective and authentic, but it is also cost-efficient and it brings tons of benefits to your business.

  1. Look and implement the solutions you need to deliver the experience your customers deserve.

Once you know your customers and the experience you want to deliver, it is vital to look for solutions that help you do it. If your clients want to have timely information, you need a tool that helps you to quickly create quotes and send them in no time, for example. You can count on Cargofive to have this for your freight forwarder and much more benefits.


Definitely, customer experience is one of the most critical aspects of any freight forwarder. A well-executed strategy can surely help you increase sales, through customers satisfaction. Every point of a customer experience in freight forwarding influences loyalty, thus the buying decision. So, start working on it and take your freight forwarder to the next level. Or what are you going to wait for?