maritime industry

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3 threats that maritime industry agents will face

Despite the disruptions in supply chains, shipping, and global economies caused by the pandemic in 2020, the industry has gained some confidence in facing different threats and has learned how to manage new risks. However, there are still other problems that endanger the continuity of the different agents for the next decade. We invite you […]

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How can freight forwarders reduce their costs

Competitiveness in the freight forwarding industry is on the rise. Now, freight forwarders must be alert so that their profit margins are not reduced. One of the alternatives to keep the company profitable may be to keep costs low. But how can this be achieved?   In a freight forwarder, reducing costs can sometimes seem […]

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What’s the cost of avoiding digitalization in freight forwarders?

The ocean freight industry’s digitalization is in full swing. Nevertheless, many freight forwarders are still operating offline and they are not taking advantage of more appropriate technology. This not only slows processes down, makes them tedious, and increases the margin of error, but also, it is not meeting customers’ demands. Because of this, freight forwarders […]

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Maritime industry 4.0

Meeting market demands is an altogether effort with all parties involved in the maritime industry. The “smart industry” promises an easy and low-cost effort, incorporating technology and innovation. What is this new maritime industry? The maritime industry 4.0 is part of the fourth industrial revolution, where technology, innovation, and use of data converge. Unlike its […]

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