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5 trends in logistics for 2022

These last few years have been challenging for the logistics sector and the supply chain. Now, more than ever, freight forwarders must be aware of new trends to add more value to their efforts and stay one step ahead of their competition. So what can we expect for the upcoming year?   The trends in […]

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4 benefits of business intelligence for freight forwarders

The use and efficient management of information are crucial for businesses involved in a digital context or that are willing to join the digital movement. Nowadays, this task is more and more important for managers’ departments because it facilitates decision-making. So, how can freight forwarders take advantage of it? Business intelligence is a process that […]

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Are you part of the shipping companies’ digital ecosystem?

The shipping companies’ digital ecosystem is growing very fast since they committed to taking the lead on the maritime industry’s digital transformation some time ago. Through this process, they have created digital ecosystems based on the use of blockchain technology that allows all players related to the global supply chain to participate. But, what benefits […]

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