Benefits of being a digital freight forwarder

The digitization and digital freight forwarders are knocking our door. They’re rewriting the industry paradigms and they were dared to do it because they’ve noticed plenty of benefits. So, what are those benefits?

Digital freight forwarders have stimulated the debates in the industry and even more when successful stories are all over the logistics news. They’ve joined the digital transformation in order to achieve a better response to customers’ demands, considering the changes happening in the industry.

5 benefits of being a digital freight forwarder 

We can find more and more benefits every day, but today we’re going to focus only on the top 5:

  • Historical data recycled and automated

Digital freight forwarders have discovered that during the different international shipping processes, the same data can be used over and over. This information can be automated and reused for different purposes. In this way, they formulate a written code – which can be shared by systems integrations – to reuse the data for a specific shipment phase or process.

  • Flexibility to formulate new systems.

In the digital era, it’s impossible to write on stone because changes happen fastly. Seeing that, digital freight forwarders have developed new systems that can adapt to their actual needs and, in the future, can be reinvented in order to avoid being useless. Now, they formulate modern and standardized code systems understandable for all parties.  

  • Attractive for fundings. 

Investors focused on non-traditional sectors are a boom in every industry, not only in international commerce. This means that they can be willing to make significant bets in a sector that grows every day and shows a broad range of benefits. 

  • Marketing sophistication.

The efficient use of digital tools in a digital freight forwarder is crucial, and plenty of these tools can be used to improve the relationship with customers. Thus, brand messages and value propositions can attract more leads to the company and make it more valuable. Also, you can respond faster to customers’ demands, achieving their satisfaction.  

  • Special adaptation to maritime shipping. 

Sometimes maritime shipping processes take more time compared to air shipping. By digitizing these processes we can achieve visibility, speed, and simplicity, which grants a superior attractiveness for those who are responsible for shipping.

Digital freight forwarders are part of the industry’s change and they’re now a reality. But this change has several steps that should be taken carefully to really take advantage of all benefits. In Cargofive we’re willing to help you take the first step to become digital, are you ready?