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Freight Forwarders: 3 Risks They Face & How Avoid Them

How does a risk presents to a freight forwarder? International shipments carry risks, and many of them are very high for those who are part of the supply chain. Freight forwarders, being a crucial part of it, must face risks – often unexpected – in order to move cargo safely and quickly. For this reason, […]

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3 unacknowledged costs that freight forwarders are facing

Freight forwarders’ profit margin is limited as their earnings come from helping shippers to organize the loads and properly deliver their shipments. This margin is often affected by neglecting the hidden costs of using outdated systems that make their tasks even more difficult and invested expenses. Thus, we decided to list for you those hidden […]

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Why should I use Cargofive? I already have a management system

Having a management system in a freight forwarder is essential. Managing international freight logistics involves many people, as well as diverse and complex processes. That’s why it’s more than necessary to lean on technology. Fortunately, we now have softwares that make freight forwarders’ work much easier. For instance, there’s Cargofive. But what makes it special […]

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