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3 keys for the Supply Chain 4.0

Still going through the “prolonged shock” of the COVID-19 pandemic and its countless variants, today’s attention is on the vulnerability of all operators in the supply chain. According to EY and Fortune, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies have experienced supply chain disruptions as a result of the pandemic. Thus, many affirm that we’re facing a […]

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3 threats that maritime industry agents will face

Despite the disruptions in supply chains, shipping, and global economies caused by the pandemic in 2020, the industry has gained some confidence in facing different threats and has learned how to manage new risks. However, there are still other problems that endanger the continuity of the different agents for the next decade. We invite you […]

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Freight Forwarders: 3 Risks They Face & How Avoid Them

How does a risk presents to a freight forwarder? International shipments carry risks, and many of them are very high for those who are part of the supply chain. Freight forwarders, being a crucial part of it, must face risks – often unexpected – in order to move cargo safely and quickly. For this reason, […]

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3 unacknowledged costs that freight forwarders are facing

Freight forwarders’ profit margin is limited as their earnings come from helping shippers to organize the loads and properly deliver their shipments. This margin is often affected by neglecting the hidden costs of using outdated systems that make their tasks even more difficult and invested expenses. Thus, we decided to list for you those hidden […]

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How can freight forwarders reduce their costs

Competitiveness in the freight forwarding industry is on the rise. Now, freight forwarders must be alert so that their profit margins are not reduced. One of the alternatives to keep the company profitable may be to keep costs low. But how can this be achieved?   In a freight forwarder, reducing costs can sometimes seem […]

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6 tips to survive the peak shipping season

In freight forwarding, the peak shipping season is the busiest one of the year due to increased demand, which leads to higher rates and much tougher competition. This season is just around the corner and that is why, at Cargofive, we share with you some tips to get the most out of it.   The […]

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What’s the cost of avoiding digitalization in freight forwarders?

The ocean freight industry’s digitalization is in full swing. Nevertheless, many freight forwarders are still operating offline and they are not taking advantage of more appropriate technology. This not only slows processes down, makes them tedious, and increases the margin of error, but also, it is not meeting customers’ demands. Because of this, freight forwarders […]

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These companies are challenging traditional freight forwarders

As digitalization in the sector progresses, traditional freight forwarders face more and more challenges, and their survival now depends on how prepared they are. Today, there are certain companies that are threatening their position in the market and we think it is important to analyze them, in order to take action on the matter as […]

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How can freight forwarders improve their processes using Cargofive?

Freight forwarders constantly face challenges just by being part of such a changing industry as maritime freight is. Therefore, they must have adequate tools that boost and facilitate their processes at the same time that they reduce costs and improve their profit margins. At Cargofive, we are willing to help them and take the digital […]

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4 benefits of business intelligence for freight forwarders

The use and efficient management of information are crucial for businesses involved in a digital context or that are willing to join the digital movement. Nowadays, this task is more and more important for managers’ departments because it facilitates decision-making. So, how can freight forwarders take advantage of it? Business intelligence is a process that […]

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