How can freight forwarders improve their processes using Cargofive?

Freight forwarders constantly face challenges just by being part of such a changing industry as maritime freight is. Therefore, they must have adequate tools that boost and facilitate their processes at the same time that they reduce costs and improve their profit margins. At Cargofive, we are willing to help them and take the digital transformation to the entire maritime industry. But, which other benefits can we add?

At Cargofive, we know that freight forwarders need to handle a wide variety of freight rates when creating quotes. Usually, these rates cannot be found in just one place so they have to be looked for manually. With the advantages of digital solutions, this could be automated to achieve quickness in such an important process in order to offer large benefits to all parties involved. 

So, what can freight forwarders gain by using Cargofive?

The spreadsheets used to quote can take tedious and long processes because they have to be formulated manually, which is completely unnecessary considering the breakthrough in digital tools available. In addition to this, the information is in different formats so its search becomes more complex. At Cargofive, we take care of automating this task: we collect the information, standardize and centralize it, so freight forwarders can have access to it, quickly and easily in just one place.

Currently, the parties involved in maritime freight face situations with no place for mistakes, so reducing the level of uncertainty is absolutely needed. Using digital tools specially designed for freight forwarders, they can be more prepared to face the new challenges attached to the maritime industry 4.0. It provides more visibility and monitoring of processes.

With Cargofive, this can be achieved because we have high flexibility to integrate all data needed to create a quote through APIs. This allows freight forwarders to access it easily and whenever they want. Furthermore, thanks to our ERP partners –Bytemaster, Visual Trans, and TaricTrans– we have greater scope and ease to do it. 

Many have already joined the digital movements, becoming real disruptors of the sector. But we also know that these changes mean a huge paradigm shift that is transversal to every process that a freight forwarder has. We are committed to taking every step, side by side, with freight forwarders, always offering our support. Let’s face together digital transformation!