Digital solutions in maritime freights

Maritime freights have the highest percentage of the market share in terms of international trade. It is undeniable one of the sectors that most bets on big changes, mostly with freight forwarders’ initiatives who offer digital solutions for their customers’ benefit, pushing the maritime freights’ digital transformation in general as well.


The offer of digital solutions in maritime freights is very varied and adaptable to the needs of different target groups. However, they have in common that they are platforms that guarantee efficiency, transparency, traceability, reduction of operating costs and last but by far the most important, they offer a quick response to their customers.

If we are talking about digital solutions that freight forwarders offer in maritime freights, we should first mention Kuehne + Nagel, who for the last two consecutive years has led the ranking of oceanic freight forwarders with the greater number of transported containers (4.355.000 in 2018 and 4.690.000 in 2019), and was also one of the first to offer this type of solutions to its customers through its KN FreightNet services for LCL and KN Pledge for FCL, taking advantage of the data obtained from its own digital platform called SeaExplorer.

Another big one that within its holding company addresses the technological issues of the international logistics industry is DHL, who through its Global Forwarding division offers the Ocean View service for its maritime freights customers.

On the other hand, DB Schenker recently launched Connect 4.0 operations, its digital platform for rates management, online booking and 24/7 tracking of contracted cargo. And there are even more freight forwarders going along with the trend of providing digital solutions to their customers. This is because they are increasingly getting familiar with new technologies and e-commerce, so the need to demand the freight forwarders to integrate into the new digital era by modernizing its operations and services was born. 


What digital solutions in maritime freights exist if you can’t design your own?


If you are a traditional freight forwarder and want to offer a digital solution in order to improve your customers’ experience, gain loyalty and stay competitive, but you don’t have the financial resources to develop your own digital platform, fortunately, there are companies that can do it for you. They give you the tools and guidance you need to prevent you from making some of the most common mistakes.

There are many companies that you can turn into your strategic business allies, but first, you must identify your opportunity area and, based on it, you can decide which need is it that you want to cover. Magaya, Quotiss, Gofreight, Smartfreight, among others, can help you in some or every area from where you want to begin your digital transformation process.

Cargofive is here to help you too and to offer you a digital tool specially designed to your measurements, in order to help your business grow and develop at the same time the maritime industry evolves. From the quoting process, which is decisive in customer retention, you will see that Cargofive is the system that in a short time will allow you to gain a lot.

There are many digital solutions in maritime freights, so choose the one that best suits your freight forwarder and start enjoying the benefits of digitalization almost instantly. The most important thing is that you don’t stay behind the industry. Get on board your transformation now and provide a better experience to your current and potential customers.