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Changes to be faced by maritime logistics

The maritime logistics itself is quite complex and is now dealing with several changes happening simultaneously, which must be faced in the short to medium term so that the workflow does not stop.   When we talk about the maritime sector within the logistics industry, we are referring to all its related ones: shipping companies, […]

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4 reasons to work in international logistics

The international logistics industry is one of the most complex but interesting ones. It is thriving and now becoming more attractive to new generations of graduates. This is a sector that covers almost every field and that continues to always grow because of its relevance to the world’s functioning. But, why pursue a career in […]

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Blockchain technology is taking over the sea

Freight forwarders, ports and terminals, shipping lines and other companies involved in the global trade logistics are showing more and more interest about blockchain technology, its implementation, and its benefits. Do you want to know why?   With the growth of new technologies, almost every industry has been affected, positively speaking, by them. As it […]

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Top 10 ocean carriers around the world

Ocean carriers are key players in international logistics. They are in charge of moving goods from one place to another all around the world by sea. But, do you really know them and what’s behind each one of them? Let’s take a look at the top ten ocean carriers on the whole planet. 1. Maersk […]

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