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These companies are challenging traditional freight forwarders

As digitalization in the sector progresses, traditional freight forwarders face more and more challenges, and their survival now depends on how prepared they are. Today, there are certain companies that are threatening their position in the market and we think it is important to analyze them, in order to take action on the matter as […]

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Startups promoting the maritime industry’s digitalization

Repetitive and manual tasks represent an obstacle for many freight forwarders and agents involved in international trade. Today, we can take advantage of the variety of digital tools at our fingertips to exponentially improve our processes and focus our efforts on other activities. For this reason, together with our friends at eTEU, we have decided […]

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Ports + Startups = Ports 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution, as many call it, has encouraged ports to use disruptive technologies to adapt to current legal frameworks and to be more competitive in the international logistics market. So that’s how ports 4.0 were born. But… How do startups contribute to all this? That’s what we want to tell […]

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