How can a freight forwarder quote fast and gain more sales?

For a traditional freight forwarder, it’s not that easy to quote fast. That often leads to losing the opportunity to gain more sales. But now, with digitization and new technologies, reversing that situation is possible. How? This is what we want to share with you.


Technology is developed to make our lives easier every day. This also applies to the scientific, educational or commercial sectors as much as to the maritime industry, which is increasingly adapting to new technologies to evolve, starting with the fact that it is transforming into a digital industry.

With these advances, a traditional freight forwarder now has the possibility to enter the new era of digitization and automation in an easy and reliable way, to enjoy all of the benefits that it offers, including the possibility of being able to quote fast and gain more sales.


How can a freight forwarder close more deals by delivering a quote fast?


The first step is to assume that it is evolving and leaving behind all manual processes. Within the global trade logistics sector, it must become a digital business, in order to be part of that new world which the maritime industry is transforming into.

Then you must understand that a sale is won by the one that provides the best service to a customer from the beginning, and that starts from the moment the customer asks for a quote.

The faster you can manage contracts and every other thing related to freights rates, the faster the potential customer will become a real one.

Let’s not forget that customers like the sense of instantaneity and speed offered by the internet, e-Commerce, e-Pricing, mobile technology, global interconnectivity, but above all, they value very much the fact of receiving information quickly and truthfully.

On this premise, many digital solutions in maritime freights have been developed, which allow a freight forwarder to be able to elaborate a quote in just minutes. There is already a software in charge of crossing information about the updated rates of ports, shipping, customs, etc., and issuing the budget in a clear and easy to understand format, all in just a few clicks.

And as time goes by, the client will feel it was almost immediately.

But besides being able to quote fast, you can also gain more sales with added values such as having your own CRM. This allows a freight forwarder to have first-hand information related to its customers, which also helps to anticipate their needs and, strategically, offer them solutions. This creates loyalty and can guarantee future sales.

The best lead generation tip we can give you right now is to evolve into a digital business. At Cargofive we can help you with that and more through our rates and contracts management tool. Don’t think about it anymore, the freight forwarders business is already digital!