User: Freight forwarder – Password: Digital

If a freight forwarder wants to enter the new world, the one that the maritime industry is transforming into, it must know that the key to access it is: to be digital. 


The global digital transformation market in 2018 was valued at US$ 54.92 billion, and by 2025 the projection is an increase of US$ 145.28 billion¹ on this aspect, only in the transport and logistics sector.

Understanding that global trade is moved mainly by sea, we can assume that most of the investment in this digital transformation was made jointly by digital freight forwarders, top shipping companies, container ports, among the main players in the industry.

So, if the business growth is associated with the use of new digital technologies, in order to enter, stay and compete in the logistics segment of the global supply chain, freight forwarders must face the digital transformation.


Are you a freight forwarder but you are not yet digital?


In the logistics and freight shipping industry, a freight forwarder can remain and be competitive if, and only if, it is prepared for change and develops or adopts innovative digital solutions.

Technology is constantly changing, and it aims to improve even more the users and service providers’ experiences, as well as communications and also to revolutionize digital businesses, with which growth comes hand in hand if it is done in a timely and strategic way.

Therefore, to start your freight forwarder’s digital transformation and become a freight forwarder of the future, the first thing you should be clear about is that both you and your team must face the changes of digitalization and automation.

You may find it overwhelming to use digital platforms with real-time answers, storage and use of Big Data to and from the cloud, the use of the internet of things (IoT) applied to all industry variables, as well as the possibility of business disruption from different points of view. But for your peace of mind, you have the option of using external companies that make this work easier and more understandable.

If 75% of small companies would be hiring external services of IT solution providers², why won’t you? It all depends on what benefits they offer to you.

In this regard, Cargofive is a digital services provider that can help you to start and grow, especially because today’s customers are more demanding and value more whoever is able to give them quick answers, starting with the quoting process. And that is where Cargofive can help you the most because it allows you to quickly manage international freight rates, and to answer your customers’ request in less than 10 minutes. This is a very valuable point on behalf of pro digitalization.

So, if you want to enter into the new world of the maritime logistics industry, make out of the digitalization the key to your business as a digital freight forwarder and transform it now!


¹ The Brookings Institution
² SherWeb