Enjoy Cargofive from €60 monthly per user!

We can show you a demo of our service adapted to your needs and then we can tell you more about total investment. Setup is free and you can get started in just one week!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the setup take?

In just one week the setup is done.

How does the free trial work?

First we show you how our system works, then we sign a confidentiality contract to receive all of your data so we can do the setup. After everything is set up, you will have access to our platform for free 15 days.

What’s the difference with a CRM?

Our system is thought and designed specially for freight forwarders. We offer a platform that integrates CRM functions, rate management and automation, all in one place.

Is my business data safe?

Yes, it is. We keep all data in Amazon cloud servers, we have backups and all data is encrypted. Plus, we sign a confidentiality contract before we start the setup.

How many users can have access to the platform?

You need to have 5 users minimum and then you can add as many as you need since there’s no maximum.

Is there a minimum time contract?

No, there is not a minimum time to contract our service.