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Forecast 2023: Natural Selection in The Logistics Industry

A look at the past Carriers took advantage of market conditions and supply shortages for the past two years. They were able to push for higher long-term contract rates and established terms and conditions that better fit their business. For example, Maersk incremented its multi-year contract share to nearly 70% of its long-haul volume. How […]

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Why should logistics operators invest in digital tools?

Freight forwarders manage a lot of information day by day, and they share it with many parties who are usually located across the globe. Thanks to digitalization, now they can do it using digital tools like cloud computing services and high-speed data sharing. But, why should they invest in these new technologies? Digital tools like […]

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How can freight forwarders improve their processes using Cargofive?

Freight forwarders constantly face challenges just by being part of such a changing industry as maritime freight is. Therefore, they must have adequate tools that boost and facilitate their processes at the same time that they reduce costs and improve their profit margins. At Cargofive, we are willing to help them and take the digital […]

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