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Ports + Startups = Ports 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution, as many call it, has encouraged ports to use disruptive technologies to adapt to current legal frameworks and to be more competitive in the international logistics market. So that’s how ports 4.0 were born. But… How do startups contribute to all this? That’s what we want to tell […]

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5 steps to start a freight forwarder’s digital transformation

In this constantly evolving world, change is inevitable. Nowadays, digital transformation in all types of business and industries is unstoppable. We now see more and more freight forwarders starting this path as well as technological enterprises that have accelerated change in this industry. It is time to adapt and evolve, but do you know at […]

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Why aren’t most carriers providing instant quotes?

Digitization in freights industry has been a slow but inevitable process. Nowadays we see more digital freight forwarders, shippers and carriers with automated processes. But what is slowing down their digital transformation? They are a mainstay for the digital revolution in the industry to finally take off, especially because if they offer real-time rates the […]

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Facing digital transformation as freight forwarders

Digital transformation is hard, especially if we are talking about freight forwarding industry. It has taken some time to get technology involved in freights processes, but it’s now more and more common to see digital freight forwarders and platforms that simplify or optimize a procedure. This is something no business in the industry can escape, […]

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