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Shipping lines are going digital

Shipping lines are part of one of the most traditional industries in the global business. Nevertheless, they have gradually started to pay more attention to new technologies in order to keep up with the market’s needs. Now, they have gotten to the point where three of the world’s top carriers are joining forces to speed […]

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6 benefits of digitalization in the freight industry

We have said it before, digitalization in the freight industry is inevitable. The whole business world is being transformed by new technologies and this one, in particular, is no exception. There are many reasons for this digital revolution to happen, but mainly it is because of its several benefits. This is precisely what we want […]

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4 reasons why digital revolution in international shipping is unstoppable

It’s been a while since the world entered the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which refers to a digital revolution. Everything is changing. There is a new way of doing everything, from the simplest thing to the most complex one. All of our lives depend now on electronic devices, systems and internet. So, can the international shipping […]

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