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Backstage: e-Pricing for freight forwarders

A freight forwarder knows how hard, complicated, exhaustive and how much time it takes to create a quote, using traditional methods. Why keep doing it that way, when e-Pricing focused on freight forwarders allows you to make the job much easier and in just minutes?   Top shipping companies have been offering e-pricing tools to their customers for some time…
Yenny Barreto
October 30, 2019

7 lead generation tips for freight forwarders

Many traditional freight forwarders haven’t realized how much help they could get from using digital marketing strategies to get leads. They are still focusing on offline methods and are not aware of online sales benefits. It is now time for them to join the digital era, and we are willing to help. Therefore, we decided to share with you seven…
Andrea van der Biest
February 13, 2019

How to improve customer experience in freight forwarding?

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, the thing customers are most likely going to remember is the experience they have with your company. So, how is your customer experience doing? We want to help! Let us tell you how you can improve customer experience in freight forwarding.   In this new era, customer experience is…
Andrea van der Biest
October 23, 2018

8 common mistakes when quoting freights

There can be many mistakes when quoting freights, due to the complex process it implies. So, we decided to list the eight most common of them to help freight forwarders to be aware of them and to get to know a way of avoiding them.   Making mistakes when quoting freights is very common, mostly because the sales team may…

How can I handle price-obsessed prospects?

As transportation and freight forwarding companies, you know that pricing is one factor determining whether a prospect will become a client or not. The amount to be paid is the first thing the client will look at when receiving a quote. While it is true that keeping prices low and competitive can help you win more deals, it is also…

Reconnect with your previous customers

The business of freight forwarding is dynamic, and the flow of customer can vary tremendously. Certainly, you lost customers in the past without knowing why. Naturally, the orders spaced out and the relationship goes off slowly. This is pretty common. However, if you know how, it is possible to turn this loss into a new business opportunity. Most of the…