Digital rates and shipping companies: the sea revolution

Instant quotes finally arrived in the maritime sector and they’ve revolutionized it. They simplify our pricing processes significantly and luckily carriers noticed it. But, which shipping companies currently offer digital rates?

Digital rates and instant quotes are now part of the new normal in the maritime industry. This new quoting process promises a wide range of benefits for all parties involved in international freight.

Many people predict that half or more than half of freight sales will be done online in the next decade, considering the impulse given to rates’ digitization by shipping companies. This clearly draws the attention of different investors and it’s progressing by leaps and bounds.    

Shipping companies that offer digital rates

From the Top 10 ocean carriers around the world, these are the ones offering digital rates:

In 2018, Hapag-Lloyd joined the digital movement with Quick Quotes, an online platform that allows shippers to simplify and accelerate their quoting processes for container shipping. It also helps users to get real-time quotes, verify digital rates, and book them. In 2019, 8,2% of its total volume was booked through Quick Quotes*.

This year Maersk launched Maersk Spot, the platform on which they estimate that 24% of their total bookings are made. Through its use, the users have a guaranteed load space and upfront quotes, by booking them online. Many considered this new Maersk’s service as one of the 10 principal websites of the B2B e-commerce in the world.

Giving their digital push, Evergreen developed GreenX, the platform that provides customers a digital marketplace where they can carry out their quotes, compare and book them under the Evergreen Line.

  • MSC – Instant Quote

This new digital tool allows customers to get quotes faster and simpler. The users can access their quotes through “myMSC” and book them easily once they decide it. At the moment, it’s only available for Asia – Europe and North America – Europe routes.

  • ZIM – eZ Quote

This platform is a new digital service of this company that allows new and existing customers to receive spot rates online. They also have the possibility to book shipments, guaranteeing its load space.

Shipping lines are going digital as the market requires it. There’s still a long way until the end because their rates are not centralized and to compare them, a freight forwarder needs to get involved in more processes. The digital revolution is already at the sea, and it’s a ship that we all must board before it sails. Luckily, in Cargofive we have tickets for you to start this digital journey, are you ready?

*Source: SeaIntelligence Consulting, Lars Jensen.