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Cyber 4PLs: the new trend in logistics

Technology has evolved and has also given the logistics sector plenty of tools. With this evolution, many companies have taken advantage of it and developed solutions to become more competitive, reduce costs, and maximize profits. The Cyber 4PLs are part of it and they have incorporated a new business model into international logistics. Cyber 4PLs […]

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The freight forwarder of the future: opportunity areas

The freight forwarder of the future will be the one that is already preparing to conquer it. The future of the maritime industry and global trade, while not predictable, can be projected as the largest user of digital technology and innovations, because it is growing and modernizing voraciously. So what are the opportunity areas that […]

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9 tools freight forwarders should use to catch up with digital business

By now it’s well known that digitization is taking over not only the freight forwarding industry but also all of the business world. Some companies have been able to use technology to their favor, such as the startups, but there are still many others that stick to the old way, such as traditional freight forwarders. […]

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Traditional freight forwarders under threat by 5 types of companies

With the uprising of digital transformation, traditional freight forwarders are being threatened by five types of companies. There are now startups, suppliers, and even customers using new technologies to develop many business models that improve the customer experience and the operations’ efficiency. These new digital business models have the strength to seize the industry’s leadership, […]

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Facing digital transformation as freight forwarders

Digital transformation is hard, especially if we are talking about freight forwarding industry. It has taken some time to get technology involved in freights processes, but it’s now more and more common to see digital freight forwarders and platforms that simplify or optimize a procedure. This is something no business in the industry can escape, […]

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4 performance metrics all freight forwarders should analyze

In order to be successful in freight forwarding, it is vital to measure and study some key results. There are at least 4 performance metrics all freight forwarders should analyze, it doesn’t matter if your company is small or big. So if you don’t know them yet, here is your chance to do it.   […]

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3 things freight forwarders need to know to succeed

Freight forwarders world is changing very fast due to the large number of innovations emerging and, mainly because of the profile of professionals who will lead the industry in the coming years. In 2020, half of the workers will be Millennials.   For this generation, there is no tolerance for slowness or inefficiency, they require […]

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How to improve customer experience in freight forwarding?

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, the thing customers are most likely going to remember is the experience they have with your company. So, how is your customer experience doing? We want to help! Let us tell you how you can improve customer experience in freight forwarding.   In this […]

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