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Are you part of the shipping companies’ digital ecosystem?

The shipping companies’ digital ecosystem is growing very fast since they committed to taking the lead on the maritime industry’s digital transformation some time ago. Through this process, they have created digital ecosystems based on the use of blockchain technology that allows all players related to the global supply chain to participate. But, what benefits […]

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Hapag-Lloyd bets on online sales in shipping

One of the world’s top carriers, Hapag-Lloyd, is foreseeing a major increase in online sales in shipping industry. This is no surprise since we have watched how companies in this business are now adapting to this new digital era. This carrier has big plans for 2023 and is going all for it.   Online sales […]

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Shipping lines are going digital

Shipping lines are part of one of the most traditional industries in the global business. Nevertheless, they have gradually started to pay more attention to new technologies in order to keep up with the market’s needs. Now, they have gotten to the point where three of the world’s top carriers are joining forces to speed […]

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Why are freight rates constantly changing?

Freight rates management is complicated. Freight forwarders struggle all the time when quoting because of it. Looking for rates between many carriers, when contracts are renewed too often, is not an easy task. This is why it’s so important to count on a good tool that helps automate and optimize the process. But, why do […]

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Top shipping carriers ally to standardize data communication

Carriers around the world use different formats, protocols, and systems to communicate. This only makes it more difficult and inefficient for their customers, as well as it slows down the whole industry. The time has come to standardize data communication in logistics, so five main carriers have decided to associate in order to bring solutions […]

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Top 10 ocean carriers around the world

Ocean carriers are key players in international logistics. They are in charge of moving goods from one place to another all around the world by sea. But, do you really know them and what’s behind each one of them? Let’s take a look at the top ten ocean carriers on the whole planet. 1. Maersk […]

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Why aren’t most carriers providing instant quotes?

Digitization in freights industry has been a slow but inevitable process. Nowadays we see more digital freight forwarders, shippers and carriers with automated processes. But what is slowing down their digital transformation? They are a mainstay for the digital revolution in the industry to finally take off, especially because if they offer real-time rates the […]

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