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Facing digital transformation as freight forwarders

Digital transformation is hard, especially if we are talking about freight forwarding industry. It has taken some time to get technology involved in freights processes, but it’s now more and more common to see digital freight forwarders and platforms that simplify or optimize a procedure. This is something no business in the industry can escape, it’s time to adapt and…
Andrea van der Biest
November 12, 2018
InnovationInternational Logistics

Freight forwarder’s new era

In a constant evolving world, no business can escape digital transformation, not even a freight forwarder. Many companies in this industry have started to change and there is a promising upgrade around the corner for them. So, are the rest of forwarders going to stay behind or are they going to take on the challenge and move forward?   It…
InnovationInternational Logistics

Freight forwarding pricing meets technology

Freight forwarding pricing can be really complex and dynamic, which makes it difficult to create quotes fast enough to improve customers experience. Nevertheless, industry experts have taken the initiative to digitize this process so that forwarders can meet modernity, be more competitive and give their sales a boost.   Nowadays, freight forwarders play a very important role in global economy.…